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Eurotramp Grand Master

The Official Trampoline of the
Sydney 2000 Olymic Games

The Eurotramp Grand Master Exclusive, the official trampoline of the sydney 2000 Olympic games.
Grand Master Exclusive

The trampoline preferred by competitors is the model Grand Master Exclusive. It is equipped with a bed woven of 4 x 6mm wide nylon bands, 118 steel springs and coverall frame padding around the circumference of the frame. Compliant to the international competition rules, the Grand Master Exclusive is the official competition trampoline for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. 


Folding, galvanized welded oval steel frame measures 10'w x 17'l x 45"h (305cm x 520cm x 115cm).  Also included is 118 steel springs, frame pads and FIG-diploma.
Description Price
04000 1/8' x 1/4' (4 x 6 mm)  nylon web bed, one pair roller stands $5404.00
04100 1/8" x 1/4 (4x6 mm)    nylon web bed, one pair lifting roller stands $5537.00
05000 1/4"  (6 mm) nylon web bed, one pair roller stands $5188.00
05100 1/4" (6 mm)   nylon web bed, one pair lifting roller stands $5321.00

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